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Finding my peace years ago and spending more time with my son at home, I thought this was the perfect time to do an interview with him. To find out his thoughts on college, since IAmCollegeLife was born with him in mind. Sometimes as mothers, we go and go and never have the time to sit back and have a conversation with our children. Well, last week, I sat down, and had a candid conversation with Steven. We talked about college and his future aspirations. I can tell you, as his mother I was surprised by some of his answers. So let's jump right in.

Introduce yourself: Who are you? What school do you go to? What grade are you in?

My name is Steven Bates and I am fifteen years old.

I go to The Wilson Academy, and I am in the 10th grade.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

When I grow up, I want to be a 3D animator.

What does that include?

That includes doing animation for video games, drawing comic books and creating my own anime TV show.

So what does being autistic mean to you?

I feel like when you are autistic you tend to have difficulty socializing with others. You also have problems communicating with others and it is hard for you hear what people is saying from time to time. When you are autistic, you can also be consider slow and mentally challenged by others and you have a hard time comprehending information from other people.

When did you learn when you were autistic? Meaning how old were you?

I learned I was autistic when I was twelve years old

So the question is, when do you think parents should tell their kids that they are autistic? And why?

I think parents should tell their kids around the fifth and sixth grade because kids will have a better understanding what autism is. If parents told their kids that they are autistic earlier, they wouldn’t understand.

What is one thing you wish your parents would understand about you?

We do not see eye to eye when it comes to how to do school work and take notes. We use different methods to help us get the same results. My parents are straight to the point and I like to give details. I take many notes for class and my parents think I take too many notes.

Do you plan on going to college?

Yes, I want to go to an art college and major in 3D animation

Do you plan on living on a college campus or living home with your parents?

I want to live on the college campus.

I want to explore more colleges out of state.

I also want to apply for internships for tech companies like Google, Facebook, Apple or Samsung

One day I want to live in Los Angeles California and live out my dreams and goals

What things have you done to prepare yourself for going to college?

I am learning to cook, wash clothes, washing dishes. I even apply to animation online courses such as Maya, an animation program that focus on animation and modeling.

What things are you looking forward to in college?

Meeting my teachers, the student dorm rooms , The classes I will be in and the people I will be around . I am looking forward to the college experience and everything the college go to has to offer me.

You mentioned you and your parents use different methods when it comes to school. Do you think your method or your parents’ method is better? And why?

My parents and I both thrive for success. My parents and I didn’t go to the same school and we were not taught the same methods. My dad went to the University of Cincinnati, and my mom went to Kentucky State, which is a HBCU. I go to a private school my parents went to a public school. There are days when I am off from school and my parents are at work. There are days when my parents are off from work and I am at school. Everyone schedules are not the same. There are people who get to spend more time with their family than others. There are people who get to learn more than others do.

I also want you remember this quote from my friend

‘’ I been to places just not the same places you been to”- Keandre Freeman

In math there are multiple methods you can solve certain math problems. In ELA, there are methods ways you can use to come up with your five body paragraphs. There are multiple ways to take notes. There are multiple ways to prepare for a test. You can use your notes you took down, you can use flashcards and you can use word on your computer.

My parents are straight to the point and I like to give details. I take many notes for class and my parents think I take too many notes.

What is your advice on a career or major choice for college?

My advice on deciding a career is think to yourself what do you enjoy doing the most during your free time

College offer many social activities. Do you plan to join any clubs, groups or other social activities while in college? If yes, what type of activities will you look into joining?

I do plan to join animation clubs or programs that will help benefit my career in 3D animation. I want to learn from other people’s experience and apply it as my own. I believe learning from others with the same major or similar major will help you on which direction you want to take your career. I am also looking forward from the experience students to help me create an organized time schedule that will me on time to all my classes and any other activities. I want to hear from other students what campus life is like. I am easy to talk to and I am very friendly.

What parent do you think will have the hardest time seeing you leave for college? Alternatively, do you think it will be both parents?

I believe that both of my parents will miss me, but between both of them, I believe my mom will miss me even more.

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