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April is Autism Awareness Month! IAmCollegeLife Inc. would like to celebrate this month by hearing your stories about Autism, and/or your thoughts of your child going to college. We want to use these stories to increase awareness of Autism in our community and to help college campuses better prepare for students with Autism. Our kids face challenges that most people will never experience, in unsuitable education styles, inadequate facilities, and even lack of support from society.


Parents and other primary caregivers typically play the most important part in the lives of persons with Autism, and we want to her your stories.  Parents, relative, friend, caregiver, or educator - share your story by Submitting Your Vlogs. Let’s build a better world where inclusion, awareness, empathy, and opportunities are given to all individuals equally.



Why share your story?

Going to college has become a very attainable opportunity for our autistic students. According to an article published in Spectrum News, more than 44 percent of students with autism receive education beyond high school.  The transition from high school to college can be challenging for any student, but autistic individuals who are fully capable academically – with average and even above average intelligence often struggle. Socialization and newfound independence make this time even more difficult for our kids. It's also a tough time for parents. As a parent of a college-bound, autistic student, I often wonder if I’m making the right choice by allowing my child to go away for college.



IAmCollegeLife Inc. would like for you to share your personal stories of acceptance, triumph and inclusion milestones, and help us honor your journey while increasing Autism Awareness on college campuses. Tell your own experience – the good, the challenging, and what you wish for others to know about your child’s journey to college.


Send us a short Vlog (three minutes or less) of your personal stories. We would like to upload those personal Vlogs to our website and share them across our social media platforms. Please do not include any advertisements or solicitation of services. Please submit videos to the IAmCollegeLife team at iamcollegelife@gmail.com with the subject line "My Story-YOUR NAME". We look forward to hearing your stories and sharing them with the community. 


*By submitting your video, you are granting IAmCollegeLife Inc., permission to share it with the public